Eastern-MI-Link Network Info

Available Modes
WiresXEastern-MI-Link #43148
YSFUS-EasternMILink #92160
DMRXLX_106 TG:4001
D-StarREF106A / XRF106A / DCS106A
EchoLinkAD8DP-L #878385

Linked Fusion Repeaters (standard offsets apply)
K8PDJ444.400Ann Arbor
N8SA146.690New Haven
KA8IBY146.720Pleasant Valley
KE8FJW145.430Sault Ste Marie

Other Linked Repeaters and Nodes (standard offsets apply)
K9DPD442.5375DetroitDMR TG99846
K9DPD442.5375DetroitP25 TG9846
K8PDJ438.800Ann ArborWires-X node (Simplex)
N8KPE145.525MilfordWires-X node (Simplex)
W8MJC432.500Clinton TownshipWires-X node (Simplex)
N8JJO145.570LakeportWires-X node (Simplex)

K9DPD DMR/P25 repeater info

There are five nets on the system:

7pm Sunday – Blue Water Net - a system wide topic net
9pm Monday – SkyHub Net – a nationwide topic net
8pm Tuesday – Young Amateurs Digital Voice Net
9pm Wednesday – Astronomy Digital Voice Net
8pm Thursday – Country Roads Net

We encourage all licensed amateur radio operators to join our nets.

The Eastern Michigan Link system started with three repeaters which were all linked into one Wires-X room named the Detroit-Metro Room in 2016. We outgrew the name and it was changed to: the Eastern-MI-Link room, Wires-X 43148.

Later a bridge was added to allow input from various hotspots such as the Shark Open Spot, DV4MINI’s and others that were using the YSF reflector system. We now support all digital modes as well as Allstar and EchoLink. In 2018, the Sandusky repeater was added. That same year the Midland (Pleasant Valley) Repeater joined which is a very wide coverage repeater; the Harrison Repeater was added thereafter.

Thanks to this group, word seemed to spread and before long the Flint Repeater, and the Troy Repeater also joined us and so did the Ann Arbor Repeater. We carried on for awhile with other repeaters joining us from time to time in our room.

As time went by the expanded group had contact with more repeater owners in the Eastern and Northern Michigan area and the Sault Ste Marie Repeater joined our system, as well as a number of Northern Michigan repeaters who come and go from time to time into the room. A number of nodes also joined.

The Eastern Michigan Linked Repeater System is not a club - - its a group of like minded people who simply want more activity on their Fusion Repeater and have chosen to simply park their Wires-X repeater in the Eastern Michigan Linked Repeater System room for more activity and state-wide camaraderie.

Thanks to the collaborative effort of all the participating repeater owners, the group has continued to add repeaters to our room and today it is not unusual to see 13 or 18 repeaters and nodes logged in all day from time to time. We have been joined recently by the Ann Arbor repeater. And, we expect to add a Lewiston, Michigan repeater onto the system soon.

We are one of the more active Wires-X room on the fusion system. We owe our success to all the repeater owners that have been willing to link-in and try this out and also for their help with the technical expertise needed to keep it all going. It takes a village to keep the network going, and all of the repeater owners are very helpful in this regard.

The goals of our system are simple, to provide a Wires-X room for Eastern Michigan repeater trustees to park their Fusion repeaters and stimulate digital Fusion activity on their systems, without losing local control of their repeater.

The Eastern Michigan Link System is an active place as you will hear QSO’s from all over the State of Michigan, Ontario, and various places in the United States.